Monday, June 15, 2009

Even animals get baked ;)

Ryan is 1 years old and didn't even have to go to the zoo to learn about animals

Who says bugs and worms aren't cute? If they're made of fondant, they're delectably adorable!

Hantaran cupcakes for Jaja. Congratulations!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

iPods are getting in on the action too!

Hantaran cupcakes with adorable fondant toppers consisting of hantaran stuff > iPod, handphone, shoes, shirt&tie, perfume

I almost didn't want to give these away

Transformers rocking it out with some good lovin'

Transformers themed cupcakes..This was very challenging.

Farewell cupcakes for my insane friend, Chong.

Rocking it out with Flying V and Les Paul cupcakes

Cute bugs. Bzzt bzzt.

These hearts may add that extra spark you've been waiting to happen :)

One of my all time favourite and proving to be a crowd pleaser :)